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Question on shipping an instrument
I have a bass that I left behind when I moved to Chicago... Im back home for the weekend and want to ship it back, to give to a friend... It doesn't have a soft or hard case.. Whats the best way to go about it?
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re: Question on shipping an instrument
Either get a case or get a big enough box and pack that fricker tight with packing peanuts and bubblewrap.

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re: Question on shipping an instrument
go to a local music shop or guitar center and ask them if they have any boxes left over from recent shipments.

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re: Question on shipping an instrument
While you're at the local music shop looking for boxes, buy a cheap hard case. THAT is the best effort you can take to help it arrive without issues. Every music shop has left-behind cases in their warehouse you can score on a discount. Ask about abandoned cases they want to move cheap.

And if you can't case it, consider unbolting the neck (if applicable) and shipping it as two separate pieces. It's easier to pack, insulate, box, handle and insure two smaller boxes versus one big one. Properly (over)packed uncased instruments often result in oversize packages and subsequent additional fees.

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re: Question on shipping an instrument
Once you get a box, wrap it up real good in bubble wrap. Then fill every gap in the box with some kind of padding. More bubble wrap, paper, old towels, etc. I shipped one I sold like that, had no case, and the guy said he received it and it was perfect.

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re: Question on shipping an instrument
If your local music shop is also an online retailer, maybe they’ll pack and ship it for you for a fee. Worth asking.

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