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The I-Land on netflix
15 minutes in and absolutely terrible so far. Anyone watch this any further yet?

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re: The I-Land on netflix
I’m planning to stay away. All reviews so far say it’s horrible and has the same problem Another Life reportedly had, creating drama by people being stupid and pissy.

I guess they can’t all be gems, but that’s 2 new shows that are so bad people may not even try them.

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re: The I-Land on netflix
I let it run today while I was working. It is one of those interesting premises with poor execution. It isn't without a potentially good twist but shows don't live on potential. It never once pulled me away from work, despite it being Friday so I was just looking for any excuse. The positive is I got a full days work in.

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re: The I-Land on netflix
It popped up as soon as I opened Netflix last night and I watched the trailer, so I said "why the hell not."

The premise is great. The twist is actually good.

I binged all 7 episodes. It wasnt premium cable good. It wasnt cable good. It was better than network crap, and probably middle of the road for Netflix.

If they would have increased the budget a little, and spent money on the main cast other than Martinez, Bosworth, and Pettifer, it would have been much better. The seven other main characters on the island were just bad.

Im not mad I watched the whole series.

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re: The I-Land on netflix
Since Tyrant, I've been a big fan of Sibylla Deen. So I gave it a look. Not disappointed after five episodes.

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re: The I-Land on netflix
It everyone acted like the main character then the internet would have never been created.

Actually, if everyone acted like Hollywood types we would still have rotary phones.

Getting shite done means you got to be alpha as frick and offend people.

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re: The I-Land on netflix

same problem Another Life reportedly had, creating drama by people being stupid and pissy.

So Prometheus and Alien Covenant on a small budget?

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re: The I-Land on netflix
Started this and it was so so bad. Like dialogue, acting, etc. I'm a sucker for sci-fi island shite and I could not get into it.

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re: The I-Land on netflix
8% on RT. Horrible writing, very cliche. Binged it over the weekend. I couldn’t stop watching and I can’t really tell you why. I don’t know if it got better as it went or if my expectations got lower as it went but I kinda enjoyed this dumbass series

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re: The I-Land on netflix
Iirc I read that it was like a porn with all the porn scenes removed.

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re: The I-Land on netflix
I was laid up after surgery a couple months ago and binged it. Absolutely horrible. I was just hoping for titties the wholes time to make it worth my effort of watching. Very disappointing and not worth the time.

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