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re: Is Calvin Johnson really an all time great?

I’ll take megatron over any WR from your huckleberry finn days. How bout that?

Your account registered in 2010. Did you never watch Randy Moss or Jerry Rice play?

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You think Calvin Johnson is the 3rd best receiver all time??

Jerry Rice and Randy Moss are the obvious 1 and 2

Think? Lol not even close. If ur goin by stats only thats the prob. Mega and moss best 2 wrs not even close

Obviously you only saw Rice at the end of his career. Here are the stats through the first nine seasons

Rice - 708 REC, 118 TD, 11,776 YDS

Johnson - 731 REC, 83 TD 11,619 YDS

Moss - 676 REC, 101 TD, 10,700 YDS

Old Man Jerry Rice was still a good wr twenty years in but young Jerry Rice wasn't just the greatest receiver, he was the most dominant offensive player to ever touch a football.
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Obviously you only say Rice at the end of his career. Here are the stats through the first nine seasons

Not only what you said but what did Randy Moss do in the playoffs? Had some great performances but overall it was good but not great. Rice had a better playoff performance at the age of 40 then Moss did in the Patriot’s 2007 season’s post season run.

Moss was supremely talented but he didn’t have the work ethic of Rice. Johnson was basically a perfectly made receiver except he had some durability issues. That’s one of the main reasons he retired. He felt his body was beaten up. It’s fair to say Moss and Johnson are top 3 but to go as far as saying Rice is not on their level is dumb shite.
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His "Football Life" airs Friday...decide for yourself.

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