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re: Woodworking Eff-ups you will admit to...?

Well we have one bone left. It's a big one though. Hmmm, I'll just cut it in half and there we go. Miter saw ready and about halfway through the bone it chunked it, hit the wall, then me
. Lol damn I don’t think I would ever have thought to cut a bone on the miter saw.

The other day I was driving a pocket screw with my impact driver, pressing hard to keep the bit seated, and it slipped off and drove right at my belly a few inches above my tenders.
Didn’t hurt that bad, but that was a good reminder not to point power tools at my privates.

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re: Woodworking Eff-ups you will admit to...?
Cutting my walnut dinning room table to length. I bought a brand new blade for the circular saw. Installed it upside-down/backward. I have some tear out on one end.

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re: Woodworking Eff-ups you will admit to...?
For some reason, my highschool had an incredible woodshop. Top notch. And if you liked woodshop, you could take woods 1, woods 2, advanced wood 1, advanced woods 2, then an independent study. All a semester each.

By end of advanced woods 1 into advanced woods 2 and beyond, the teacher was really only there to help with problems or novel things that came up with whatever you decided to build. Needless to say though, you didn't frick around when the shop teachers were there.

But when a sub is there for the day, you tended to frick around.

Which leads to running your hand through a band saw.

Which leads to you grabbing a towel and sneaking out to find your brother who you know is in study hall.

Which leads to the two of you ditching school and going to your friend's dad's clinic hoping he can stitch you up.

Which leads to him calling you a fricking idiot and sending you to the hospital.
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re: Woodworking Eff-ups you will admit to...?
I’ve accidentally cut a mitered angle on the wrong measurement. Like I was supposed to finish the miter at 81” and instead started the cut there.

I wound up putting about a 2 1/4” piece of stained wood door facing trim at the bottom of the door. No one noticed but it drove me crazy for the whole time we lived in that house.

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