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re: Natural Gas Hose and Quick Connect
I had the same setup. As long as there is no air leak, using csst is safe. I ran it to my generator for a week with no issues.

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re: Natural Gas Hose and Quick Connect
Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy one of the Goodyear 50 ft rubber garden hoses. Get the barbed fitting to fit the hose that will screw into the quick connect. Use a hose clamp on the hose and barbed fitting. 50 ft is a lot of hose though, what size generator are you running?

25 ft is probably best to get as much output out of the generator as you can on NG.

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re: Natural Gas Hose and Quick Connect
Got my generator Natural Gas Conversion from US Carburation.
I have converted three generators with these. Got my hoses and connectors from Amazon. You can find about any size and length you need. Fittings from regulator and hose came from local plumbing shop. Just bring you regulator and hose to them and ask them to get me from regulator to hose with a cut off valve in between.

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re: Natural Gas Hose and Quick Connect
Can't find anything 3/4" that I'd longer than 15' on Amazon. I ended up getting a 25' from US carb. Just waiting for everything to come in at this point.

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