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Home Warranty - To Renew or Not to Renew?

So I bought a house last year and the sellers included a home warranty. I used it once to fix my AC with a bad contactor and it cost me a $100 deductible. My AC and water heater are both about 25 years old and probably on their last legs.

To renew the home warranty it would cost $815 and it expires on July 5. What are the chances I could get my AC and/or water heater replaced under warranty? Or will they keep putting bandaids on them to keep them running. Also, I question the level service the home warranty provides and the replacement options I would have if I kept the home warranty, meaning they would put the cheapest possible replacement in.

What says this board, keep the home warranty or let it expire?

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Don’t renew. Those warranty companies go out of there way to not fix your claim. And as you discovered, if they do agree to fix they will send the worse subs in your area.

I know it seems like a better deal to pay $150 for the year and not have to come out of pocket for repairs but those things are worthless. It’s better to know they were fixed correctly and never think about it again.

I missed your price the first time. No way in the world you should pay that much.
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Noway! Hell, I wouldn't renew for any price.

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I wouldn't renew. For the $815 plus $100 deductible, that would just about cover the cost for a new water heater anyway, but without the headache of dealing with the warranty company.

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For the $815 plus $100 deductible, that would just about cover the cost for a new water heater anyway, but without the headache of dealing with the warranty company.

Plus if nothing breaks for the next year then it's $815 down the toilet and you're making the same decision again next year.

I will say though, a 25 year old AC and water heater can be ticking time bombs and there's a higher than usual chance that they need some work within the next year. It's a dice roll with these things. If they were 10 years or less then I'd definitely take my chances without the HW.

I've had experiences with Home Warranty of America (very dissatisfied) and Old Republic (much better, but still not stellar). Best case scenario is they replace something, but you don't choose the contactor, you'll get the cheapest equipment they can get away with, and it will at a minimum be weeks, if not months, before it's resolved. Worst case...well you don't want to know about worst case. Point is that even if it does pay for everything, a 4-8 week wait for an AC repair in a Louisiana summer is probably not worth the savings

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The only time I tried to use one my garage door broke. Of course they know what breaks most often and don’t cover it. I’ve never had one since that happened about 10 years ago.

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YOU are going to have to replace your AC before long anyway. They will not.

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I would not renew. Had one as part of the house purchase and did not renew it.
Never missed it.

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Yo I won’t get a new A/c component with a home warranty when the system is that old. Just relaxed a 12 seer compressor and a Ruud was around $5500 installed. But that was before the Biden inflation hit. For $500 the reputable contractor gave a free maintenance and repair warranty for 10 yrs and Ruud has 10 yr parts warranty.

Hot water heaters are $500-1000 and not hard to install. Learn how to drain it yearly and replace your anodes every couple of years and problem then will likely onl y be water heater element and thermostat. Mine is 28 yrs old and thermostat blew last week and was able to Google repair process and replaced it for $20. Water heater element is even easier.

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They would have to fail etc before you could make a service call.

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Home warranties seem to be not worth the hassle as many have posted above. The only time I would mess with one would be in the purchase of a home just because I can get someone else to pay it

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