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Best solar powered tree lights

Posted on 2/16/24 at 6:48 pm
Posted by CrawfishElvis
Member since Apr 2021
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Posted on 2/16/24 at 6:48 pm
I’m talking about the light you put at the base of a tree that shines up into the tree. I need solar powered because it’s not ideal to run wire in my yard. I’m looking for ways to light up my yard a little bit.
Posted by jose
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Posted on 2/16/24 at 7:20 pm to
Following. I need an upgrade to the garage ones I already have.
Posted by bbvdd
Memphis, TN
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Posted on 2/16/24 at 9:22 pm to

Best solar powered lights

No such thing really. All solar powered lights are disposable. They’ll last 6 mths to a year and then the light they put out will be diminished. Throw them away and start over.
Posted by 98eagle
Member since Sep 2020
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Posted on 2/16/24 at 9:30 pm to
We live on a completely wooded lake lot with a good amount of shade. We tried the JSOT 600 LM Solar Spotlights in cool white almost two years ago. They work really well and I kept purchasing more. We have 16 total now and they are all still working well.

They light up our backyard, deck, garage, our front sidewalk and driveway and different areas in our yard. They have a fairly large solar panel, are totally adjustable, and are fairly expensive.

They are usually bright from dusk to dawn (even on low power which is the setting we use) except on rainy or cloudy days, and even then, these lights are bright by the time we go to sleep and if get up before sunrise they are still on with a weak amount of light.

They are also versatile versus wired lights. Sometimes at night I will grab a couple of them and head down to the lake with my fishing pole and put them back when I am finished. I don't know how long they will last. The ones we have are between 1-1/2 to almost 2 years old and we have had none fail or start getting dim yet. Perhaps they last longer on the low power setting although I have no way of knowing that since they are all set on low power.

You can get these on Amazon. I just checked and they are $64.99 for a 4 pack. Check them out. If you want to try one you can send them back within 30 days with Amazon Prime Free returns.
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Posted by CrawfishElvis
Member since Apr 2021
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Posted on 2/16/24 at 9:51 pm to
Awesome. Thanks!
Posted by WhiteMandingo
Member since Jan 2016
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Posted on 2/16/24 at 10:01 pm to
Buy the ones from HD they cost $10 each save the receipt they will crap out in a year but HD will give you brand new ones.Once the solar panel gets a haze on it they start to crap out and I go return them.
Also plants a HD have a 1 year warranty
Save the container and put the dead plant in it and they will give you credit towards a new one.
Posted by HubbaBubba
F_uck Joe Biden, TX
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Posted on 2/16/24 at 11:00 pm to

I’m talking about the light you put at the base of a tree that shines up into the tree.
Thanks for the light pollution and contributing to never seeing the Milky Way.
Posted by Bayou
Member since Feb 2005
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Posted on 2/17/24 at 8:27 am to
3 years on one from Lowe's
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