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Cost Effective Calories

With all of our grocery bills higher than ever I thought it'd be good to see what people are eating on a budget. The days of me throwing multiple beef chucks in a crock pot to get through lunch for the week are gone as prices continue to climb. I've all but cut out veggies due to the price/calorie which I know probably isn't good. My only tip to offer is get a costco membership to buy things like rice in bulk and go to a local butcher to buy your beef in bulk. If anyone has any good, cheap recipes that have a good price/calorie ratio please post them

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Shop the sales. Rouse's and Winn-Dixie both have good sales each week. Right now, ground beef is $1.99 at Rouse's and T-bones are $5.99/lb.

Wait for the pork shoulders to go on sale for $0.99/lb and stock up if you have the freezer space. When I host parties, I throw one of those in the smoker the night before and I can feed 20 MFers for like $10. And they all rave how delicious it is.

Bananas are always dirt cheap, plentiful, and packed full of nutrition. I eat a banana everyday. Carrots are dirt cheap. Don't give up on fruits and veggies entirely.

Just shop smarter.

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I just shop the sales. Publix has had Bone In Ribeyes, Ribeyes, New York Strips, T-Bone's or Porterhouses on sale for 8.99 a pound for every week but one the last 8 weeks. Kroger had 1.5 pounds of Wright Brand thick sliced bacon for 7.99 (normally 12.99) last week. Publix had organic non GMO free range eggs 1.50 off a dozen last week. Publix usually has one brand of Grass Fed Beef on sale every week. Don't have brand loyalty. Shop the sales a different stores and stock up.

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look at different cuts of beef also.

you can get sirloin flap(bavette) for like $10 per pound at whole foods which is way better than ribeyes at $15-20 per pound imho.

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