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re: Tons of fresh lemons- what should I do?
Recipe from Italy, can't source where, that computer crapped out.....

Homemade Limoncello Recipe


1 750 ml bottles bottles of vodka (high quality 100 proof) 1.5 liters

1 750 ml bottle of Everclear (high quality 190 proof) 1.5 liters

24 large lemons (ratio is 7 lemons per half liter)
4 cups sugar
5.5 cups water


Stage One- Combine Lemon Zest and Vodka

Wash lemons then zest the lemons get as little of the white pith as you can(it's bitter) and set aside. Combine zest and liquor into one gallon glass jar, screw lid on tight.

Stage 2- Adding Sugar

60 days later, shake the zest/vodka mixture up. Make simple syrup by boiling the sugar with the water until the sugar is dissolved. Add simple syrup till sweet enough to taste.

Stage 3 - Straining

60 days later, strain the liquor through a screen mesh or permanent coffee filter, then through an unbleached paper coffee filter.

Pour into your choice of STERILIZED bottles. Pour the lemoncello into the prepared bottles using a funnel to prevent a mess.

Unbelievable & obviously potent

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re: Tons of fresh lemons- what should I do?
Juice them..Take the juice and fill up ice trays with them and freeze. Store in a ziploc freezer bag or tupperware for use later.

OK.. didn't see juice in the trays.. Make a lemon curd and top fruit for brunch on New Years Day..
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re: Tons of fresh lemons- what should I do?
BOO- that is a hell of a strong recipe for limoncello. I did mine without the everclear, but may try this one next. I may make some for gifts. Thanks for sharing.

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