Wild Patrick Mahomes Stat Is Making The Rounds
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Kansas City star QB Patrick Mahomes has only been in the NFL for four seasons and he's already surpassed some of the all-time greats in some categories...
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CDawson24 months
This is like the crowd that argues LeBum is on Jordan’s level.
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Johnny3tears24 months
And 90% of his TD this year will be to his TE.
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21JumpStreet24 months
frickin boomers
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GoRuckTiger24 months
How many games were there in a season back then?
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Albino Potato24 months
Yeah the league has changed no doubt. But I love all the old people coming in fussing about this but when people always post the Wilt Chamberlin stats of like 40pts 25reb they don’t talk about the way the game was different back then and how they shot it like 8 seconds into the possession or less on fast break. But still those guys back then weren’t asked to throw the ball 40 times a game. Not a fair comparison at all. I think that’s why guys like Dan Marino and Randall Cunningham were way ahead of their time. Also to play devils advocate I would say those names listed probably couldn’t do what Mahomes is asked to do. Just appreciate greatness in whatever era it is instead of wasting time worrying about who needs to be best.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy24 months
Retarded. Click bait. Todays offenses are much different than 70 years ago..among many other things
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bcoop19924 months
Game is totally different now.
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Nosevens24 months
Young healthy qb does incredible things , story at six . Wait a couple years and then compare to the Joe Montana’s of QB’ s . Then we’ll talk about the GOAT - Tom Bray
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saints502124 months
I think Pat is a top 5 QB right now, but his numbers are about to dip IMO. Hill was a human cheat code for a big armed QB. If he puts up the same numbers with JuJu, he may be the greatest QB ever
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Mr. Hangover24 months
OH WOW?! It’s almost like the style of play in the league completely changed and they also changed rules to better benefit offensive production
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L S Usetheforce24 months
Or he is a way better qb than all those clowns
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emanresu24 months
Por que no los dos?
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