USA Today's For The Win ranked all 30 NFL Stadiums and Washington's FedEx Field took home the "Worst Stadium" prize...

"Look, there’s no way around this. FedEx Field is awful. It’s literally falling apart. Remember when a railing gave way back in January and sent a handful of Philly fans tumbling at the feet of Jalen Hurts? Or when that pipe burst in the fall of 2021 and sent questionable water all over fans? Yeah. Not only will the stadium actively work against you, you need to drive or train an annoying distance and either walk a further annoying distance or sit in hours of traffic to experience a team that hasn’t made it out of the Wild Card round since 2005. At least tickets are $70 each!"

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RAB18 months
But at least their name isn’t racist.
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TheWalrus18 months
Soldier Field is awful, was at a Bears game a couple years ago and was nearly trampled to death trying to piss at halftime
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raceboy18 months
Yeah, frick everything about DC.
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JackieTreehorn18 months
Should have never left RFK.
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Philzilla2k18 months
That place sucked too
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