The Jacksonville Jaguars are enjoying their new $120 million practice facility. It features these crazy high-tech toilets...
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EulerRules11 months
You color blind, you dead.
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DefensorFortis11 months
All about legal CYA for Jags when some clown falls out from hyperthermia/dehydration
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jp4lsu11 months
like this guy said...a color chart would do just fine.
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JackieTreehorn11 months
I hope this won't affect the urinal cake man's job.
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Outdoorreb11 months
If you hear an alarm go off your still positive for drugs/PEDs
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TeddyPadillac11 months
sounds fun for the guy that has to change the piss sensor battery. What a waste of money.
user avatar
LotionInBasket11 months
...and if it's blinking red, then time to change the batteries in the camera.
user avatar
SuperOcean11 months
Not sure if that is worth the money when you can just have a Tom Herman piss color chart on the wall.
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