The Doctor Antonio Brown Farted On Claims AB Owes Him $11,500 In Unpaid Fees
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Yesterday a video of Patriots WR Antonio Brown fating on his doctor multiple times hit the web. Said doctor now claims that AB owes him $11,500...

"It seemed just childish to me," Prisk told Sports Illustrated. "I'm a doctor, and this man is farting in my face."

After the visit, Prisk agreed to work for Brown, serving as an on-call "wellness coach" for $500 an hour. He created a diet and a supplement program for Brown but never got paid. Every time he brought up the payments, Brown suggested the two go into business together to settle their debt.

"In his very first meeting with me, he said, 'I want to get you on salary, I want you on my team,'" Prisk says. "Then he's like, 'We need to build this downtown. POW 2!' I'm like, O.K., that's cool. Found a building, had somebody put together a sales agreement for the building. Don't hear anything back. Then he says, 'I'm going to connect you with a treadmill company I work with. We're gonna get you a couple treadmills for your gym.' AB stops talking to that guy, and then I'm told they're not giving me a treadmill."
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LSU in Frisco TX57 months
The real crime here is that he charged $500 an hour. What a joke.
user avatar
Tiger Roux57 months
he seems a little touched.
user avatar
dagrippa57 months
It reminds me of some 1920s comedy routine
user avatar
caliegeaux57 months
AB paid, right out of his arse.
user avatar
Water Mocassin57 months
Is there any person this arse hat doesn’t owe money?
user avatar
HTDawg57 months
Sounds like Trump.
user avatar
ApexTiger57 months
At least Colin Kap didn't carry on like this fool.
user avatar
KingMo57 months
Are all of his consultations recorded?
user avatar
elcid57 months
It’s what happens when you give an adult with the IQ of a doorknob a lot of money.
user avatar
FLObserver57 months
this brown guy just seems like a real jerk
user avatar
PeterPeterP57 months
I’d slap the shite out of him, then make him eat it.
user avatar
Martini57 months
The doctor sounds as retarded as him
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