ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is usually an angry fellow, but on Wednesday his anger went to 11. Smith completely went to town on 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick for not voting...

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Loves dis
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I was always told if you do not vote you lose your right to gripe about the elected politician you so dislike. Maybe he's just positioning himself to claim his political views go him released from his job most of us would love to have if just for a few years.
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The reason Trump won is because there are a bunch of entitled Millenials running around who haven't been discriminated against a day in their lives, taking the time to skip work, or school, to "protest" issues, and not vote. If I see another idiot walking around with a sign that says Love Trumps Hate, while chanting Fck Donald Trump, I'm going to lose it. CK is all up in that lazy BS mindset.. Hey watch me.. But I'm not going to actually do anything besides complain about stuff and rile up otherwise calm people.
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Thing is this is exactly what Colin Kaepernick feeds off of, he wants the attention. Stephen A and the media should ignore him instead, that's how you beat him. I know, strange world.
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Wow, about the only time I've ever agreed with him...
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Get heem
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Those might be the best words I have ever Heard come out of his mouth
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That's a quality melt
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So glad I quit watching these clowns in the NFL.
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CK is a muslim. Why would he vote to improve a country that he only wants to destroy?
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What a real 'DUMBASS'! He is even more stupid than I thought. This plays right into the conservatives hands. All you 'followers' who don't have half a brain, DON'T VOTE!!! Gotta luv this, can't make it up!!!
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Didn't matter if he voted or not, they had plenty of leftist voters on the left coast...
53 months
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