Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster Posts Video Of Him Driving 104 MPH
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Don't know why Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster thinks taping this video or posting it is a good idea...
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12 days after concussion. Why risk it?

(The Spun)
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AustinKnight51 months
Wow such a daring thing. You pussies that have a problem with that need to get out more.
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Ebbandflow51 months
Because he is a young kid and young kids do stupid things and think they are immortal
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OU81251 months
with a low IQ and no common sense
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The Boat51 months
Lol this is stupid. He’s barely passing those cars. Thanks for the new flash that people drive fast at night in big cities.
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Winston Cup51 months
79 is way too hot for climate control
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HamzooReb51 months
104 mph is not some kind of absurd speed on a highway like that. Now on a neighborhood street or a street through a downtown area then 104 would be pretty fast.
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StupidBinder51 months
Depending on where he was, it was likely fast enough to get his license suspended.
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