The end of Game 2 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs was super weird. First, it was this odd no call when Dion Waiters pushed Manu Ginobili from out of bounds with his elbow...


Then seconds later, this Spurs fan held the Thunder's Steven Adams from preventing the game when he fell out of bounds...
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Get it together refs.
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hogNsinceReagan96 months
wtfever. i call bullshite on that. she was trying to hold him down. she was already on her back when he was leaving so you can't say she was bracing herself. ya'll douchers got your boob goggles on.
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rattlebucket96 months
What wouldve made this news worthy and fun wouldve been if the ole lady's man wouldve got in a tussle with adams.
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HeavyCore96 months
Sooo he launched at her...and to keep from going all the way to the ground she reaches out for his arm to stabilize herself.... This is just a fricking click bait bullshite title. This isn't a fan going out of their way to keep him from going in with 2 seconds left. The fan is doing what anyone would do if they were falling down surrounded by people. fricking non news story.
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GnashRebel96 months
Manu flopped.
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saint amant steve96 months
Doesn't matter. Dion clearly shoved him.
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Schmelly96 months
That's a scary arse looking dude. If he woulda threw that bow with a lil more authority, somebody woulda went to sleep
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JackVincennes96 months
So let me get this straight. Your take on that exchange wasn't that a WOMAN gets knocked down accidentally by a huge player and then she reaches up to grab on to anything she can to block her fall like anyone would do? You believe she takes the hit like a champ then purposely grabs the player's arm preventing him from coming back into the game? Are you that stupid or do you just want to piss people off like me who can't believe you are that idiotic?
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