See What Seahawks DBs Spent $17,500 Bill On At Rookie Dinner...
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Seattle Seahawks DBs Ugo Amadi and Marquise Blair were responsible for the teams traditional rookie dinner bill that came out to $17,500...

The Seattle Seahawks' defensive back core held its annual rookie dinner Monday night ... and a pair of first-year NFLers were hung with a $17,500 check!!!

The booze-and-steak-filled night all went down at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue, Wash. ... and according to some of the vets, it was the most expensive rookie dinner in a while.

The receipt is absolutely nuts ... the guys bought a TON of expensive food and alcohol, piling up $11,000 worth of Louis XIII alone.

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BlackPot50 months
They should be doing this to the guy that just signed a 10 year $300 million contract. Not the rookie that just fell into money. This aint teaching these kids anything.
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MexicanTiger9750 months
$11,000 for Louis XIII is probably what....4 shots?
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stuntman50 months
No automatic gratuity? Prayers sent for that server.
user avatar
kjanchild50 months
and that is why 75% are broke when they quit playing!
user avatar
HalfCocked50 months
This shite is so dumb to me. If I'm a rook drafted anywhere outside of the 1st round. They're asses are getting treated to a Cici's buffet and their choice of Pepsi Product to wash it down. I'm living off 20% of the money and the rest is going to assets in case my arse is out of the league in 2/3 years.
user avatar
YStar50 months
You have no choice. Those guys are just being absolute asses.
user avatar
TigerNSac50 months
The question is, did he tip and was it appropriate with the cost?
user avatar
cadillac756350 months
user avatar
Bulldogblitz50 months
...and we wonder why most of these guys will have no savings in the bank to show from their time in the league?
user avatar
Chuker50 months
They should've just had a nice dinner for a grand and sent the other 16k to the Athens food bank where people can genuinely appreciate it.
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