Monday morning has been filled with the question: "Why did the Seahawks not give Marshawn Lynch the ball at the end of the game?" Instead New England CB Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson's pass to seal a Super Bowl win for the Patriots. It's a question that will haunt Seattle fans for a long time. But one Seahawks fan took it upon himself to show the world what they should have done. He recreated that play a few times over, giving the Marshawn the ball to win the game. Woulda, shoulda, coulda...

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musick109 months
Except Lynch would not have cut to the outside, FAIL.
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Champagne109 months
The Pats would have stuffed Lynch for a loss.
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jembeurt109 months
In Tecmo Super Bowl, I recorded somewhere in the 130's for sacks with Ray Childress, and the game actually stopped counting in week 14. "It's not that hard!"
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Brendoni109 months
so, what happened when the Pats got the ball back?
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warr09109 months
I once had 119 sacks with Derrick Thomas in Tecmo Super Bowl
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LSUAlum2001109 months
I once rushed for 9600 yards and 75 TDs with Bo Jackson in Super Tecmo Bowl..
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