Report Says Situation With Urban Meyer Is ‘Far From Over’
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According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, head coach Urban Meyer still has some questions to answer about what happened last weekend following the Jaguars’ Thursday night loss to the Cincinnati Bengals...

First, the Jaguars continue to explore Meyer’s failure to return to Jacksonville after the loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati. Last Monday, he said certain things when questioned about the situation. If those things, based on further investigation, end up being untrue in a sufficiently material way, Meyer could be fired — as soon as this week, but it would more likely happen after next Sunday’s game in London against the Dolphins.
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user avatar
St Augustine29 months
“If”, “end up”, “could” Man media sucks now.
user avatar
FaCubeItches29 months
They've been that way for decades. Almost all reporting is couched in qualified language.
user avatar
Drizzt29 months
Please let this happen. Get the contract ready Woodward.
user avatar
Chinese Bandit Boy29 months
You want a coach who went AOL? I think Woodward has more sense than that.
user avatar
TheMadHat29 months
Mike Florio has it out for Meyer! Florio is the main journalist who won’t let this die! Urban Meyer made a terrible mistake, but he’s human. I have never seen so many hypocrites “throwing stones”. The bar incident is between Urban and his wife. Him not flying back with his team is the issue. But, it’s not a fireable offense. This according to Peter King, who is familiar with the terms of his contract. The best thing Urban can do is deliver a win today.
user avatar
Grateful Reb29 months
If he lied to his employer, it's a fireable offense. Not to mention, an organization wanting to distance themselves from a married guy that has no problem sleezing on a 20 something girl in public is totally understandable. What a stupid take lol.
user avatar
StupidBinder29 months
Urban Meyer lying? Impossible.
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