Panthers Owner Gave An Amazing Reason For Hiring Baylor's Matt Rhule
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The Carolina Panthers hired Baylor's Matt Rhule as their new head coach on Tuesday. When asked why Rhule, owner David Tepper dropped this amazing quote...

“He dresses like (expletive) and sweats all over himself. He dresses like me, so I have to love the guy. I was a short-order cook, he was a short-order cook. Nobody gave him anything, nobody gave me anything." Tepper the said, "He had to work hard for everything he got."
If sweating all over yourself was grounds for success, I'd be Michael Jordan. Panthers gave Rhule a massive seven-year, $60 million, up to $70 million guaranteed.

(The Big Lead)
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saint tiger22550 months
"gave Rhule a massive seven-year, $60 million, up to $70 million guaranteed.".... All you needed was to put the word contract in here to make it half decent and yet you couldn't do that. Smh.
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Hangit50 months
Cam likes a good sweaty man.
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s250 months
what exactly does this mean? i'm thinking locker room talk. no?
user avatar
Ignignot50 months
Its madame newton......get it right..
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