O.J. Simpson Posts Video Of Him Disinfecting Money He Won In A Golf Bet
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You think O.J. Simpson is scared of the Coronavirus after all the things he's gotten away with? Nope, this dude is out here making jokes on Twitter about disinfecting his money. Those gloves look familiar? Hmm...
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Snoopy0448 months
looks like the gloves fit
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the LSUSaint48 months
Proof of tax evasion
user avatar
BabyTac48 months
Get ‘em Juice!!!!!
user avatar
Chudson48 months
Wish he would die
user avatar
MarioBrothers48 months
So he won $63?
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ApexTiger48 months
LOL, that's pretty funny
user avatar
bigDgator48 months
I can't watch a video of him without wanting to smash his face in.
user avatar
homeless148 months
25 years and the same thugs are still trigger about oj
user avatar
km48 months
Is this sports news???????
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