It's been nice to finally have people being positive and supportive of QB Tim Tebow. But I'm sure if he can't get the Broncos past the Patriots the negativity will start creeping back. Carolina's WR Steve Smith isn't waiting. On the Dave Dameshek Football Program, Smith said...

“I don’t want to be one of the those guys like everybody saying ‘oh he’s not this’ — he’s winning,” Smith conceded. “But at the end of the day, you can’t be 3-10 for three quarters and you go into the fourth quarter. Because Tim Tebow is ‘Tebow Time’ I keep hearing, but nobody is giving credit to who deserves it — which is that defense, because it’s playing lights out.”

“Everybody wants to say Tim Tebow is that difference maker,” Smith said, “he wouldn’t be on my son’s flag football team.”
That would be one positive kids flag football team though.
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LSUNO12010150 months
Carolina is 5 - 9. Broncos are 8 - 6 and will probably be playing after Carolina goes home. This guy IS an idiot...Steve Smilth (rhymes with filth)! Scam and Smilth...perfect!
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Pankins150 months
He jelly
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burke985150 months
well at least he don throw 5 picks a game like scam ....steve smith shut the hell up yu sound like an ignorant fool everytime you open your stupid mouth
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mikedatiga150 months
Tebow may be the best college player of all time. Steve Smith may be the piece of filth of all time.
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Evolved Simian150 months
Truth. Smith is human garbage, and absolutely the last person who should be commenting on Tebow.
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uptownruler150 months
Of all the people to comment on ANYONE Steve Smith doesn't qualify. He is a piece of human trash. I think the religion angle on Tim Tebow is a little overboard, but I would much rather my son follow Tebow's example than listen to any of the ignorant verbage coming from Steve Smith.
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Wrestler171150 months
Smith is a moron. If not for Cam he would still be crying about his imposition. He is the opposite of tebow, wins and all.
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