I understand people being precious with their expensive, fancy cars, but this is a bit much. Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch reportedly put velvet ropes around his car when parking on the street. And that looks like this...
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This is in Oakland where Lynch is supposedly shooting a film.
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DrSteveBrule115 months
I'm pretty sure this is less about protecting the car and more about... well Marshawn Lynch
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ParkSlopeTiger115 months
Hopefully he doesn't have to read any lines...
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BRMIKEY115 months
There's no way the poles and ropes fit in the Lambo. Gotta be a perk provided by the establishment.
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hogbody115 months
If I had a $600,000 car I'd be careful with it too

Although the ropes is a bit much
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Mulerider115 months
Beautiful car. Good for him, the velvet may be a little much and drawing extra attention to it so the haters will vandalize it may not be to smart.
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NYCAuburn115 months
someone should hit the poles in the middle of the road, so the poles hit the car
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Datbayoubengal115 months
Lynch is a fool. That boy is always doing something stupid lmao.
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Sid in Lakeshore115 months
Will it quit running if it goes to Buffalo?
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DosManos115 months
I hope someone keys it.
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