So much for "Toning it down". This kid just doesn't get it. Per TMZ...

"Manziel was hanging with Floyd Mayweather, Tyrese, Tyga, Chantel Jeffries and others at Bieb's pad in Beverly Hills ... when Beverly Hills PD was called to the condo complex early Tuesday morning by someone complaining about loud music."

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a want118 months
Quite a collection of douches
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ShaneTheLegLechler118 months
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lsutigersFTW118 months
I generally couldn't care less about other team's players, but this is the first time I've ever wanted so badly for a non-Tiger or non-Saint to succeed. I love this guy.
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S118 months
Tyrese FTW
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monroesaintsfan118 months
I can't wait for this idiot to wash out so I won't have to read anything else about him. One retard hanging with another.
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TIGERFANZZ118 months
Manziel is a big enough douche on his own, now he has to hang out with Bieber? I'm sure hanging with Bieber is really gonna impress his Brown's teammates.
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JacksonLSU118 months
bieber is a tranny---everyone with him is a bitch too
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JustinBieberFan118 months
The Rant can't handle the swag!
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"Aggies going to be buying a lot of Bieber albums now."

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TheBaker118 months
Biebs had to bring in the token white guy
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Grit-Eating Shin118 months
Jesus. This is turning into the Manziel/Katherine Webb blog. Please just give it a fricking rest already!! No one cares about either of those douchelobsters.
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BunkieWrench118 months
Browns should "randomly" test him today....

...what a waste of a draft pick. Cleveland gonna Cleveland.
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idlewatcher118 months
I'm starting to think that Larry wants Johnny's footlong.
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mkibod1118 months
And this has been your daily dosage of Johnny Football.


Larry Leo
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nerd guy118 months
Aggies going to be buying a lot of Bieber albums now.
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Montezuma118 months
Two near forty year old guys partying in the condo with guys who recently hit the drinking age? Seems an odd choice.
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NYCAuburn118 months
Bieber giving his acne tips to Johnny
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