While at the Little Rock Touchdown Club on Tuesday afternoon, former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden apologized for the emails that he sent several years ago...
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Tate4522 months
You boys real based in the comment sections like he was in his emails.
Real life is a helluva drug.
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CanebreakCajun22 months
Never apologize to the progressive mafia, it only emboldens them.
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Should never apologize for being too BASED.
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Twenty 4922 months
Smart timing to get it done and have it least covered and debated. Sandwiched between preseason and regular season. Next time the commenters are on, they have plenty to talk about with the new season at hand, so this gets little time. If he did it in the off-season, or after the season gets boring, it would be a bigger story. Good PR advice.
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Skinny22 months
You see my emails, man? Those were some good emails, man. Deuce and I put a lot of time in those emails, man.
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like others said, never apologize;never explain

and that dude's lips do look like Michelin tires lmfao
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ApexTiger22 months
Apparently the guy had big lips... I mean, maybe the Micheline tire comment was too much, but trying to make people chuckle isn't a bad thing
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Gus Tinsley22 months
We live in such a crazy day. When are we going to begin searching the emails of every player and coach and then reveal what we think are racist remarks? I promise you, if they played sports especially football, they heard worse!!
I would not have apologized for anything until every player and coaches emails were made public...beginning that sanctimonious Roger Goodell!
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Zoso22 months
Do like Kid Rock and tell them to get fricked
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Cajun7522 months
Dude....PLEASE STOP APOLOGIZING, YOU'RE EMBARASSING YOURSELF! You've already did that multiple times and you'll never be forgiven in this life or the next, so man up and move on.
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Godfather122 months
Big mistake.

Never apologize to the Woke mob.
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baytiger1122 months
glad I can finally sleep at night knowing he’s sorry for saying someone had big lips 11 years ago
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udtiger22 months

Never apologize
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