Well, here's a Johnny Manziel story without the usual drama. Check out this fan trying to sneak a pic of the Browns QB in Aspen, but as you'll see, Johnny smiles for the camera...
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How long before someone calls him out for the Miller Lite hat and beers in front of him? Ha.
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DirtyMikeandtheBoys114 months
Or he's just laughing at a comment his buddy just made :dunno:

Either way, who gives a frick? He's just a person
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TigerFanInSouthland114 months
How do I get that hat?
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aVatiger114 months
Nice hat
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Bama and Beer114 months
Nice hat :bow:
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Martini114 months
Gwynn's High Alpine deck. A great place to have a beer. Good food too.
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DaleGribblesMower114 months
Skiing in the offseason? Holy shite, pack it in Johnny, that's a career.
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RummelTiger114 months
Hahaha... That's pretty funny. The dude is a trainwreck, but it's fun to watch.
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ctiger69114 months
Bust. Fade into AA.
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fisherbm1112114 months
If he was worth a shite he wouldn't be on vacation just yet.
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lsu2006114 months
Goddamnit, Larry.
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lsualum01114 months
Stella Artois
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Hugo Stiglitz114 months
I can't get enough Johnny! Keep 'em coming Larry!
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PolyPusher86114 months
How in the hell is this news? I'm so tired of your infatuation with this guy Larry....
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