Jerry Jones' Natural Gas Company To
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As many as 4 million Texans have been left with no power during the historic winter weather experienced by the state this week. As of Wednesday night, 7 million in the state had water issues with either boil notices or no water at all. Enter Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones...

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones owns a Frisco-based natural gas producer that is cashing in on a surge in prices for the fuel, Bloomberg reports.

The billionaire owns Comstock Resources Inc., which has sold gas from its Haynesville Shale wells in East Texas and northern Louisiana at premium prices the past week. Demand has led to gas prices at some regional hubs to soar past $1,000 per million British thermal units, according to Bloomberg.

“This week is like hitting the jackpot with some of these incredible prices,” Chief Financial Officer Roland Burns said on an earnings call Wednesday, via Bloomberg. “Frankly, we were able to sell at super premium prices for a material amount of production.”

Meanwhile, here are five mutual aid groups in Texas that are assisting in the ongoing blackout relief — and that are currently accepting donations...

Austin Mutual Aid: Austin’s mutual aid group is currently raising funds to book hotel rooms for the city’s unhoused population during the snowstorms. The group is also accepting food, water, and toiletries donations from local residents.

Mutual Aid Houston: Houston’s mutual aid group is currently accepting donations on GoFundMe and has provided links to other local organizations assisting during the blackout, including Houseless Organizing Coalition, Crowdsource Rescue, and the Parkhill Capital Foundation.

Feed the People Dallas: This mutual aid collective is currently accepting both cash donations and dry goods items (dried rice, beans, etc.) for its foodservice programs. You can find up-to-date info on mutual aid needs on the group’s Instagram page, or donate items from their Amazon wishlist. If you’re local, you can also volunteer to help prepare and distribute food items around the area.

Austin Disaster Relief Network: This disaster relief group is accepting monetary donations in order to pay for emergency housing, transportation, and food items.

Lucha Dallas: A Dallas-based BIPOC organization that is currently handing out hot beverages and meals to unhoused people in the city. Donations are accepted via Venmo @luchadallas.
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This is why Jerry owns the Cowboys, while other folks watch the Cowboys.
Reply2 months
If only we’d been smart and not invested in the unreliable wind and solar.
Reply2 months
Smart man. Great investment.
Reply2 months
Reading this post and the replies scares the ever living shite out of me. We’re doomed, on the fast track to socialism.
Reply2 months
You mean to tell me a guy invested and took a chance in a commodity and is making money during high demand? Why are some of you upset over this?
Reply2 months
$1k mmBtu? Holy frick that is beyond miraculous
Reply2 months
There are regular people that are use to a couple hundred dollar bills, getting electric bills that in the thousands of dollars cause of this. Definitely is going to be a major PR debacle if something isn't done to help people out. Normal market ebb and flow is one thing, but when TX Utility failed to do something, that in turn came back to bite them isn't normal ebb and flow market conditions. Then try to pass that along to consumers who trusted there were proper protocols in place. Won't be pretty when these gas bills hit social media. Agree or not with "it's the way the free market works, so suck it up" mindset.
Reply2 months
It is called Free Enterprise in association with supply and demand of a certain product. Jerry just happens to still be in the Oil & Gas Industry. But just hold there folks ole Sleepy Joe Biden will kill what is left as we know a the Oil & Gas Industry. We'll be paying record prices for a barrel of oil, a gallon of gasoline, and a MCF of natural gas. Plus record prices for all of the by products from Oil & Gas.
Reply2 months
We'll see. I just wish some of you would realize that times simply just change no matter how bad you don't want them to. We will have to start using different energy sources at some point for a variety of reasons regardless if you like it or not. For example remember all of those people that worked for pager / beeper companies? How's that working out for them now? Times change for all things. You had better get used to change. Just keep watching that Fox news (using the term news loosely here) and keep your head buried in the sand. There is another whole real world out there than is portrayed on that propaganda channel my friend. I used to watch it religiously myself until I saw the light. Maybe some of y'all will one day lol.
2 months
Ok. What's the difference this and charging triple for toilet paper during a hurricane? Nothing. Except, the guy that charged triple for his toilet paper will get charged.
Reply2 months
Jerry doesn't set the price mouth breather, its called a market, and actually helps those in need.
2 months
Calling others mouthbreathers while you ignore the fact that the market also controls toilet paper prices. What an idiot.
2 months
I'm a mouth breather for pointing out a fact? Go frick mother loser.
2 months
So he invested in the right thing and now has benefited from the environment. And the problem is? Just like investing in Exxon in the time of an oil boom...nothing wrong with either.
Reply2 months
Imagine if oil companies had to honor the outlandish negative-priced oil last spring...”I’ll take a million bbls, and a check”
2 months
Great. Jerry Jones definitely needs more money.
Reply2 months
Leo; Jerry Jones is a jerk but he didn't cause the ice storm. Plus maybe he has donated to charity. Not everyone flaunts it when they do. See John Rich tweet about Rush Limbaugh and St. Jude.
Reply2 months
So what
Reply2 months
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