On Monday, Texans rookie Jadeveon Clowney showed training camp onlookers that freakish speed we saw at times in college. Here he is flying into the backfield and pulling back before destroying a RB teammate...
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gamecocks22115 months

LOL.. Im sure his coaches wanted him to rip that guys head off in a meaningless practice.

Its not praising him for making or missing the tackle. The point is how fast he got off the ball and basically beat the QB to the RB.
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Sid in Lakeshore115 months
LOL, he did not "MISS". It's pre-season. Nobody is hitting unless its a full contact drill. You want to limit injuries. Notice how the RB ran through other tackles?
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Thracken13115 months
LOL only he could get praised for missing a tackle.
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Displaced115 months
yeah, he totally just missed the tackle.
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smash williams115 months
Looks like he was falling down before contact, I guess that could've been on purpose.
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StarBurns115 months
Pulls up? He just whiffed on the tackle
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USAF Hart115 months
God that defensive line is going to be disgusting.
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