Fans are digging the XFL's first-of-its-kind "command center" for instant replay reviews that premiered on Saturday...
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BobABooey12 months
I’m not comfortable watching XFL without the anti-racism catch phrases in the end zones.
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ImBatman12 months
The NFL will never go to that type of replay review because Roger Goodell cannot rigged the games as easily.
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Sevensblue12 months
I never wanted to believe the nfl was rigged until this yrs playoffs and super bowl. Disappointed man...
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theBru12 months
Been that way for years...too much money involved not to be, especially with all the 'Sports Books being legal now.
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KAGTASTIC12 months
@sevensblue...not saying you are wrong, but what did you see in SB that was rigged?
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