Greg Hardy Putting NFL Career On Hold To Become MMA Fighter
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
According to, former Dallas Cowboys DE Greg Hardy is putting his football career on hold to focus on mixed martial arts. Apparently, he's been training in the Dallas area for several months, and his reps are saying several promotions have already expressed interest in signing him.

“I’m very focused and excited to start my MMA career,” Hardy told Helwani. “I’m going to do this the right way, I can assure you of that.”

“I’m fully committed to being as successful as I can be in this sport,” Hardy said.
Good fit I think. (Yardbarker)
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NYCAuburn89 months
Is he going to fight in the womens division
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pellietigersaint89 months
"the right way"? beating women and snorting blow? if so, you'll be an all-star
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tigahland89 months
I see Dana White finally found Cyborg and Rhonda Rousey a challenger
user avatar
saint tiger22589 months
Aka "I can't get back in to the NFL because I beat up women and can't quit snorting cocaine."
user avatar
BobABooey89 months
AK47 table.
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hogNsinceReagan89 months
Didn't UFC blacklist him?
user avatar
TigerSpray89 months
Sex change underway, then Rousey.
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