Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, only wants one thing for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas is another Super Bowl
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PUB14 months
Today's version of Paris Hilton
Billionaire Heiress Ho ..
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JackieTreehorn14 months
Probably needs another new phone from wearing hers out on a weekly basis.
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ElTigreFuego14 months
I bet it tastes like cotton candy
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KennabraTiger14 months
Look at me!

Well, I’m a lookin and I’m a likin
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GatorPA8414 months
Just want to see her butthole…that too much to ask?
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tucoco14 months
You wanna do more than just see her butthole. Lol
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PsychTiger14 months
I'd unwrap her present.
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TigerLunatik14 months
My Christmas wish is for her to do porn.
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cajunmud14 months
Like the red to see em up over her head.
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