Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, has had a busy weekend and it's only begun...

Red Friday + Fitness Friday

What I’ve learned from my fitness journey is that commitment to a healthier lifestyle sets you up for success in so many other ways.

Taking fitness seriously establishes discipline and drives us to want to work harder in competitive environments and make sacrifices to reach goals beyond the gym environment.

It builds self confidence. Regularly pushing through mental and physical obstacles to make your fitness goals happen is empowering. You know you can do hard things.

Dedication to a fit and healthy lifestyle keys us into goal-setting and achievement mode. Seeing results is what keeps you coming back and leads to feeling ready to conquer life.

And right now I’m ready to conquer the regular season and prepare for the playoffs! Let’s do this!

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West Coast wedding. Celebrating an iconic love…
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MartyGraw50415 months
How much do you get paid to promote her? For the love of God, please put all posts about her, Paige whoever, the UFC girl and Wayne Gretsky's daughter in another section.
user avatar
TFH15 months
I also like to dab on five pounds of makeup for my photoshoot at the gym.
user avatar
Monroelegend15 months
Might consider her a take.
user avatar
cajunmud15 months
FYI: I thought I'd look into this girl a little. What I found may be dated but it seems she went to SMU and must have graduated there with a Journalism degree. Now's she's at the University of Kansas going after a Master's in Sports Management. So...looks like she might wanna be your agent soon.

She won Miss Kansas USA in 2021 and made it to the top 16 in the Miss USA pageant. She used to also date Drew Lock, the Broncos QB. One site says she's making about $3M from modeling and Instagram. Take all of that with a grain of salt.

So...looks like she's trying to not just be an heiress but taking advantage of all of the opportunities of being in the Hunt family. So, good for her.
user avatar
JYD15 months
user avatar
Redbone15 months
I'll be her escort.
user avatar
GatorPA8415 months
user avatar
KennabraTiger15 months
I bet so many players have hit that
user avatar
10MTNTiger15 months
user avatar
ForLSU5615 months
She has totally screwed up her lips/mouth
user avatar
jbird715 months
The entire family is. They look like they should be in a wax museum.
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