Someone tell Jim Mora we're live please...
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This happen on WDSU’s 10 o’clock news Monday night after the New Orleans Saints’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Miss ya, Jim.

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Stud Bud79 months
That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Mora is a pimp.
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redwingtiger79 months
Would have been hilarious if Mora said "get the frick outta here" in a comical way after the reporter is saying they were live and Mora didn't believe him
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Amazing Moves79 months
Was he wrong?
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Godfather179 months
He meant to say the guy was full of diddly-poo.
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Ignignot79 months
Sharif posts here
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Jester79 months
Yeah, he was amongst the front row weirdos in the PMAC when I was in school.
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Rakim79 months
I love some Mora. Dudes great TV!!!
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Port Royal79 months
What did Mora say that was wrong? Nothing!
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teke18479 months
Mora has been out of fricks to give for at least 20 years. This surprises them how?
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Mr. Hangover79 months
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Janky79 months
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whodatfan79 months
We need help with the defense coach.
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Placebeaux79 months
How can you not like Jim Mora
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johnnydrama79 months
You must be too young to remember him coaching the Saints.
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