Former Cardinals linebacker and three-time Pro Bowler Seth Joyner is coming under fire after TMZ Sports released this video of him yelling at his American Youth Football team in Tempe...

I don't think this video is that bad, right? Here's a tweet from Joyner where he defends himself...
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Eden Isle Tiger114 months
Man what a douchebag who probably sold this to TMZ because of an agenda. In the 60's started hearing the f'bomb as a 7 year old. God the pussification of AMERICA.
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Tiger Vision114 months
My how times have change in just 20 years. This would have just been a normal occurrence at one of our practices or games. I could see a parent having any issue with the cursing but the rest of it was fine.
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TexasTiger89114 months
Doing what every coach has done forever. Big deal.
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vanimal114 months
I'm sure these kids have never heard an F-Bomb before.
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TOKEN114 months
No need to curse Seth. You freaking scary enough just screaming.
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LasVegasTiger114 months
My high school basketball coach once told a kid in the locker room "If I had a knife I would slit your throat" We laughed and moved on. Looking back at everything he was pretty nuts, but I never went home and told my parents.
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Mud_Till_May114 months
Welcome to life. You don't walk, you run. Plain and simple.
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bkirby2114 months
Yelling not really an issue, dropping the F-Bomb in front of Jr. High kids is the issue I would think.
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Displaced114 months
Everyone should get a trophy!
Everyone is a winner!!
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