Eagles QB Carson Wentz Caught Himself Nice Buck Bowhunting On Bye Week
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Philadelphia Eagles rookie QB Carson Wentz has his team off to a 3-0 start. So he decided to spend his bye seeking bowhunting. He posted this pic to Instagram of his first score...

What do you do on a bye week? You get your First bow buck! #ndlegendary

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trevo_41089 months
solid 8 point buk right der' /dip and spit
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Breauxsif89 months
He seems like a good dude. Humble and grounded. Grew up in a stable household and doesn't need to flaunt money like other dumbass fools.
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BigDawg042089 months
Hell of a couple weeks for Carson
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Jack Daniel89 months
There is all kinds of fail in this post. Stick with prowling women.
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saint tiger22589 months
Larry, my boy, just stop. You try but you always fail.
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mkibod189 months
Caught? I think you mean shot...
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Mr. Shankly89 months
"Caught himself..." this wasn't catch and release brah
user avatar
lsusteve189 months
He'd have walked on our place
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