Dak Prescott will be looking pretty sharp sporting his new $100,000 chain on the sidelines as he doesn't play for the Dallas Cowboys. Jason of Beverly Hills made the custom piece, which features 35 carats of diamonds...
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Tiger on the Rag19 months
The question is why? I know he can afford it, but why? I am sure there are some disadvantage kids that could use some financial help instead of Look at what I got. Some things never change
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cajunmud19 months
Gaudy. Diamonds aren't intrinsically valuable. The DeBeers monopoly restricts supply to artificially keep the price up and any diamond resellers lose their supply if they don't follow their orders.

It was all done with a Hollywood marketing campaign in the '40's or '50's to try and create value for a fairly common stone...Marilyn Monroe: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.

Don't let your girlfriend who's been brainwashed by the MIC (Marriage Industrial Complex) sucker you into buying a near worthless rock. Get her a ruby or emerald...or Zirconium, haha.
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Strannix19 months
He's gonna be out of a job, Cooper is the truth.
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CajunBullet19 months
It's "Pryme Time" Junior! LOL
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MMauler19 months
When he loses all the rest of his money, he'll get $5k for it. He should have talked with Brees before buying jewelry.
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Damathe19 months
Should have made it in the shape of a fang.
That's some lame arse choppers right there. 2 grand and that side looks normal.
He should try to budget for that.
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ForLSU5619 months
They just can't help themselves
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Breauxsif19 months
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4WHLN19 months
Another NFL player who will be flat broke 3.50 days after retiring.
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Gamera19 months
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