On her Calm Down podcast, NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews said she picked up some useful strategies about staying warm from Aaron Rodgers...
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6R123 months
man I spend too much time on TD.
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BayouTigers4Life3 months
How much free time do people have to be listening to these podcasts
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PeleofAnalytics3 months
I am sure there is a pretty large population of those perpetually posting here that can tell you about how much free time they have.
user avatar
EulerRules3 months
Every moment of time is free. It's up to us to decide how to use it.
user avatar
TigerOnThe Hill3 months
Well that's 46 seconds of "free time" I can never reclaim.
user avatar
GatorPA843 months
Do we really believe that or did she make this up????
user avatar
faraway3 months
wow warmers in your pocket. she couldn't figure that out on her own? women are insufferable.
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