The New Orleans Saints had a busy weekend at the draft, not only grabbing WR Chris Olave and offensive tackle Trevor Penning, but signing 17 undrafted free agents...
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The Saints welcomed the following players on Sunday: defensive backs DaMarcus Fields, Vincent Gray, and Jack Koerner; safety Smoke Monday; linebackers Joel Dublanko, Isaiah Pryor, and Nephi Sewell; offensive linemen Sage Doxtater, Lewis Kidd, Derek Schweiger, and Eric Wilson; kicker John Parker Romo; punter Daniel Whelan; running back Abram Smith; tight end Lucas Krulland; wide receivers Rashid Shaheed and Dai’Jean Dixon.
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crossfire22 months
How did Smoke Monday go undrafted? He should definitely make the cut. Kind of excited to see him with the saints.
user avatar
GeauxTGRZ22 months
I swear Smoke spent 7 years at Auburn
user avatar
whodatfan22 months
Smoke Monday? What a name.
user avatar
BobABooey22 months
For a safety? Almost as good as Johnny Poe’s nickname: Toast.
user avatar
Play_Neck22 months
Rashid can ball
user avatar
HC8722 months
Another dynamic ST returner. Guy is fast and makes people miss.
user avatar
crewdepoo22 months
And no lsu players
user avatar
gctigerfan22 months
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