Sean Payton is a bit frustrated and it showed during his post-game press conference after the Saints lost to the Lions Sunday. First, he called out a reporter for asking a dumb question. Then, he got snippy with another reporter when he was interrupted....

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Mie2cents115 months
He does sound like a prick but he is only pissed because he loves the Saints and they are struggling to win close games. They could easily be 5-1 instead of 2-4. Cowboys game is the only arse kicking so far. He has a SUPER BOWL ring. He is a great coach. Next question.
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SaintLSUnAtl115 months
Wanted: Rude man who shushes
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demtigers73115 months
He's pissed and he should be run the ball three times and punt is the smart play and he fricked it up and the Saints took an "L"! Get it together COACH!!
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betweenthebara115 months
Dude is a loser.
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Thracken13115 months
agreed Cheo25 - he has gone full retard on the play calling this year.
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DoubleDown115 months
What should've happened:
Reporter: "Coach so why did you call pass plays with a 13 point lead with about 3:37 left in the game?"
Douche Coach: "Anyone got any other questions? Any smart questions?"
Same Reporter: "Soooo... my article is gonna say you and Brees blew the game. I'm good. Shut your mouth coach, I don't need anything else. Prick."
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cheo25115 months
He should be mad at himself and his quarterback. Blew a 13-point lead with less than 4 minutes to play.
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Spunky115 months
So mad.
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RattyBlowfish115 months
Oh, he mad.
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djangochained115 months
He mad
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