Saints Star Cameron Jordan Reacts To Calvin Ridley’s Suspension
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On Monday, Atlanta Falcons WR Calvin Ridley was been suspended by the NFL for the 2022 season for gambling. After hearing the news, New Orleans Saints defensive star Cameron Jordan was surprised that the league suspended him for betting on his team own to win...
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CanebreakCajun24 months
English mother fricker, do you speak it?
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bayourougebengal24 months
I mean, it's a pretty clear rule...
user avatar
eugene1928LSU24 months
As demonrats rules for thee, not me
user avatar
GoTigers77724 months
FEEE FI FO FUM... What the frick did he say?
user avatar
TigerB824 months
Pete Rose knows how this goes.....
user avatar
TygerDurden24 months
Can someone please translate this for me?
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Purple Spoon24 months
A parlay is a bet where all “legs” of it have to win for the bet to pay out. He bet on his team to win. NFL makes a laughable attempt to display integrity.
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LSU FSU Grad24 months
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gamecockman1224 months
Shut up Jordan Cameron. It's a rule. Regardless whether or not you agree with it.
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jrctiger8424 months
uuummmmmm I think its Cameron Jordan
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Deplorable Duke24 months
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Doug_H24 months
I don't see any reason why it's against the rules for a person to bet on his team to win first off, though I can understand the NFL not wanting that precedent. But I really don't see what's wrong with it and how he can get suspended when the guy isn't even playing and is away from the team
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hottub24 months
Depends on the bet to “win”. Even is he bet on the Falcons to win, he can still control the spread.
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