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Is this a wild story making the internet rounds...According to ProFootballTalk, there's "increasing chatter" in NFL circles that Tom Brady and Sean Payton will team up on the Saints. Whaaaaat?...

Brady is a free agent after the season. He can go anywhere. Why not the Saints? Why not team up with Payton? Why not play his home games in the stadium where he won his first Super Bowl?

As the source put it, Payton’s not going to Denver or Carolina. With the Chargers making the playoffs, that job isn’t coming open. The only other potential destination would be the Cowboys, if Dallas loses in the opening round of the playoffs and coach Mike McCarthy gets fired.

And the only drawback to Payton going back to the Saints is that it would delay his quest to be the first coach in league history to win a Super Bowl with two different teams.

So stay tuned. Maybe it will be Payton back in New Orleans. And Brady and Payton finally together, come 2023.
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deuce98514 months
We don't want you or Brady's washed up arse. Go somewhere else pill head.
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Shaq4prez14 months
brady is washed up. nobody wants that dude. bucs look like arse
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy14 months
Tom’s kids will never call him “Dad”. So sad.
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wallowinit14 months
"Rumors" ensure that it will not happen.
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KennabraTiger14 months
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POTUS202414 months
So he's voluntarily going to go to New Orleans?
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Bige1114 months
This would have happened several years ago if Bree’s would have been honest about his noodle arm and retired a year early.
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Akit114 months
Blame the No Call. I think that would’ve been his final season
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DotBling14 months
And his love for BLM rapist.
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