Rob Ryan Discusses His Time With Saints Calls It A 'waste of time'
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In an interview with Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB, former Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan talked about his last two seasons in New Orleans. During those two seasons the Saints finished 32nd and 28th in the NFL in points allowed...


“I have always been a guy who is going to work my tail off, and I think I have always advanced the head coach’s plan,” he said. “But at the end of the day, the last two years in New Orleans were a waste of time for me.

“I need to be in a multiple system. I was hired to be in a multiple system in New Orleans, and I did a damn good job and got fired for it. I am more hungry now than I have ever been.”

“The only thing I regret is two years ago, when this [scheme change] was going to happen, I should have gone into Sean [Payton] and talked to him,” Ryan said. “Sean is a good person. I didn’t, and I just let it happen, so I deserve what I got.

“Look, I have been fired before. But I get pissed in New Orleans because I know I am better than that. I am a way better coach than I was allowed to be, and that’s just the truth. Oh, we are dead last in defense. Well, yeah, you are going to be dead last playing this bulls— defense. But it is my fault because I didn’t say anything. I never stood up and said, ‘F— you, I ain’t coaching this.’ I promise you I’d say it now.”
Then head coach Sean Payton commented on PFT Live Friday morning...

“The idea that it wasn’t his defense, or he wasn’t in charge of it, is silly,” “When you’re struggling as bad as we’re struggling for two years, and some of the same problems keep coming up — you know, 10 guys on the field — those are things that just are hard to live with.”
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user avatar
Dale Doubak94 months
He'll have a heart attack soon on get a chicken bone stuck in his throat
user avatar
monsterballads95 months
yes, rob, it was a waste of time. you're right.
user avatar
genuineLSUtiger95 months
The apple didn't fall far from the tree with Rex and Rob. They are a chip off the old block of Daddy Blowhard.
user avatar
Grit-Eating Shin95 months
We call it a waste of time, too, Rob. Believe me.
user avatar
Placebeaux95 months
He's mad he didn't get to plug Ye olde college inn.
user avatar
Ignignot95 months
sad that as a man in his fifties he hasn't learned to drop his balls and disagree with his boss, and he's just learning that sometimes you have to do that
user avatar
biglego95 months
I find it hard to believe the Saints switched defensive schemes and didn't seek input from the DC. But I also believe no DC who ever existed would do much better with that lack of talent. The players just aren't good on defense.
user avatar
Lucky_Dog95 months
"I am more hungry now than I have ever been.” I bet he is.
user avatar
LiguhTiguh95 months
Good riddance of the fat bastardo. He gets to screw up more but this time with his bloodline. He'll be retired by the time he gets the seasonal wins he wants
user avatar
The Pirate King95 months
Pretty douchey thing to say considering that the city of New Orleans welcomed him with open arms and treated him well.
user avatar
Goldrush2595 months
Don't see the point in him complaining after the fact. Just makes him look bad.
user avatar
PhilemonThomas95 months
Remember the memes of Ryan as God or Moses? lol
user avatar
CunningLinguist95 months
Rob was just upset that day because he missed his third lunch. Man has got to eat to stay happy
user avatar
Champagne95 months
Professionals in the NFL should never bad-mouth their old employer. There are only 32 teams in the League and you may very well end up coaching or playing there again.
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