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Saints QB Drew Brees did not like the way he was taken down by Vikings CB Captain Munnerlyn during Sunday’s game. Here he is letting everyone know...

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been a penalty for a while now

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Anyone who does not think that is a penalty in today's NFL does not watch today's NFL. Not saying I agree that those types of hits should be penalized, but they are nowadays. Suplexing a NFL quarterback and damn near dropping him on his head will get called every time.
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Where are his lineman?
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I hope Brees chews out the two nimrod linemen who were just standing there while their QB was getting suplexed.
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I just thought the body slam should've been a penalty (in today's NFL). However how does Drew not get a penalty for getting up and pushing a player who was down? That's not a penalty today either?

Kinda tired of the benefit of the doubt that about 5 players get in the NFL. If there were 25 other QBs, it would've been a flag. That's why it's garbage.
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I'm an avid Saints fan and 10+ year season ticket holder, and I must say that's a pretty BS flag.......And for Brees to get all pissy like that as if he's special and should be treated differently is pretty terrible......The flag helped us out, but that's a cheap way to get yards & 1st downs.......What do the officials & league want the defender to do?....He's trying to pull Brees back to get him to the ground or at the least alter his throw, if he doesn't slam him back and instead says "oh no I might get a penalty" and then pushes him forward for a tackle then Brees would be the 1st QB to do the little Brett Favre pitch throw....I mean he did that what 3 or 4 times last week in Cleveland alone throwing the ball away as he's being taken down
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Booooo freaking hoooo.
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I like Drew Brees but he acted like a little b on that play and it is total bs that that's a flag. Meanwhile Cam Newton takes a legit dangerous hit at his knees and gets up and pats the defender on the helmet because he understands things happen on the football field. I wish more QBs would actually act like football players instead of cry baby prima donnas like Brees yesterday.
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