Drew Bree's Opens New All-Inclusive Playground In New Orleans
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
On Tuesday, Saints QB Drew Brees and his wife Brittany unveiled a new playground at Audubon Park that offers inclusive recreational opportunities for children and adults of all abilities...
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"Brittany and I are honored to bring this playground to Audubon Park," Drew Brees said. "As the first fully inclusive playground of its kind in New Orleans, we wanted to create an experience where people of all ages and abilities can play side by side. We hope families will enjoy this play environment for years to come."
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moon74 months
Drew Brees is good people. I'm proud to call him a New Orleans Saint!
user avatar
BigPerm3074 months
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thermal922174 months
Better question is how long before some white trash kids tear up that place?
user avatar
bradwieser74 months
What is an "all-inclusive" playground?
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Bmath74 months
Free drinks
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biglego74 months
A playground for kids of all physical and mental abilities. My daughter has cerebral palsy so this sort of thing means a lot.
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El Campo Tiger74 months
I fapped to Brittany once. It was nice.
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Vecchio Cane74 months
How long before the first lawsuit trying to sue Drew Brees pops up out of this park?
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C74 months
No one will win a lawsuit against Brees within 100 miles of New Orleans.
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jeff7012174 months
Not very....
user avatar
TFH74 months
But do they serve fried chicken and watermelon on a daily basis?
user avatar
PlayActionPass74 months
100 million dollar man donates playground. Whatever!
user avatar
namvet656674 months
How long before the first person is shot?
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