What Was The Approval Process On This 'Christian Life International' Softball Team Logo?
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In a the sensitive world we live in today, it's hard for me to believe no one saw a red flag with this "Christian Life International" softball team logo...
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Or maybe I'm too sensitive.

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Twenty 4963 months
Team motto: "Try to lick us. We dare you."
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ezride2563 months
Am I the only one who stared at the bat and glove for a while wondering why I couldn’t place the innuendo?
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weeble63 months
Might be intentional. I worked with a church in Alabama that had a church softball team using our churches name so they could play. None of their players went to, or were associated with our church. I only found out about the team by accident. Someone from the Park and Rec sent some some mail to the building congratulating us on our great season.
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luvdoc63 months
nature's Rubik's cube
user avatar
ALA226263 months
Same people who recommended Christian Knights as the nickname for Furman University?
user avatar
El Campo Tiger63 months
Finally found it!
user avatar
tiger10963 months
At no point did anyone say, "hey hold up a second."
user avatar
Techdog8963 months
None of the boys could play because they can't find their shirt.......
user avatar
GoRuckTiger63 months
Bwhahaha. I bet the pastor's daughter did the design work on this.
user avatar
NorthGwinnettTiger63 months
I hate you Larry.
user avatar
Geauxboy63 months
"In a the sensitive...." Moron
user avatar
NPComb63 months
I am the master of the CLIT. I am the CLIT Commander!
user avatar
Mr. Hangover63 months
lol. It’s funny because it says CLIT
user avatar
ct4lsu63 months
I’m pretty sure those softball players are familiar with the logo
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