Indiana University's sorority Zeta Tau Alpha released this recruitment video to remind us all how bad we miss college...

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stinkdawg103 months
What's up with all the hand signs? Do that in the wrong part of town and someone's getting shot.
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GTSwarms104 months
lots of fake tans - these videos are cheesy as frick
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TheWalrus104 months
IU, the perfect home for uppity North Shore Chicago girls not smart enough to get into U of I, but with too much pride to attend ISU.
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atltiger6487104 months
bikini parts - good
the rest - yawn
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Lsu101205104 months
At least this one was only 98% white girls. They had some racial diversity.

Get it together Alabama.
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HailFreezusOver104 months
Let's start the video by panning over a field of weeds .. Like its majestic or something....

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ForeverGator104 months
Larry, I imagine this is how you find these:

Step 1 - Go to Google
Step 2 - Search hot girls
Step 3 - If searching "hot girls" does not work, go to Instagram and search "Paulina Gretzky"
Step 4 - If Paulina does not have anything new, Find another broad you were stalking and post that
Step 5 - If Step 4 does not work, search for "female girl swing"
Step 5 - If all the previous steps fail, search "sorority girls"
Step 6 - Post it like you just found the holy grail. Your stalker skills have reached epic level.
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oatmeal104 months
meh- not as good as the other one
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