Watch This Ref Chase Down This Streaker During Boise State Game
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports
Someone had to do it...
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LunkerDawg29 months
Some guy has turf burn all over his face from the 25yd line!!
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Koach K29 months
That’s not the quadrangle.
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Twenty 4929 months
Why tackle him? Just have the multiple guys gently chase him until he runs out of breath and collapses.
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SamGinn Cam29 months
So, does he now have blue balls?
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SECdragonmaster29 months
Streaker with long pants.
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Redbone29 months
That's not a streaker. Doesn't anybody remember what a REAL streaker was undressed like?
user avatar
MaroonNation29 months
Can he catch a ball?
user avatar
Flashback29 months
He had pants on. He was just having a good time.
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