Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski Found Dead From Apparent Suicide
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Washington State starting QB Tyler Hilinski was found dead Tuesday afternoon in his apartment and authorities are investigating his death as an apparent suicide. The news was confirmed by the Pullman Police Department...

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RIP. I HATE this upcoming generation doesn't have proper coping skills
Reply9 months
Suicide isn't a new thing, bro. Been going on through recorded history. I would bet this kid had some sort of untreated mental illness (depression, bi-polar, etc.) Throw in the stresses of college academics, college football, and being away from home and it could be a perfect storm for a tragedy like this. I think college football coaches need to keep an eye on their players for stuff like this. We do a good job with physical injuries, but we need to keep an eye on their mental health more, imo. No player should ever feel embarrassed to approach his coaches about something like this and the university should have mental health professionals on staff. It's sad, man. I hate reading about shite like this. There's no need for it to happen.
9 months
What does that kid's generation and their coping skills have to do with mental health?
9 months
I feel for his family. Lost my younger brother the same way. Not easy to deal with. Questions will never be answered.
Reply9 months
Lost my youngest sister the same way as well. It's a tough situation for everyone involved.
9 months
RIP buddy. I understand and I’m not far behind you man.
Reply9 months
If you're serious please go seek help. Depression is an illness that can deter rational thinking. The good thing is it is treatable. I urge you to talk to a physician.
9 months
Gosh, I just saw this. bamagreycoat, please tell me you're still around and you've gotten help if serious.
8 months
not that it matters...but u can be a redshirt and a starter..good lord its trajic no matter what
Reply9 months
Check out the comments on the tweet. A young life is gone and all people want to talk about is the word "demise" used in the press release. :banghead:
Reply9 months
such a young life wasted.... not like he's over 70 and his only fun is getting on TD and getting blasted by a-holes for supporting his country.
Reply9 months
9 months
Do you have to make everything about politics you stupid count?
9 months
Wait. News report says redshirt QB, article says starting QB
Reply9 months
Why exactly is that relevant?
9 months
This is terrible as a parent I can't hardly fathom this!
Reply9 months
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