Warren Sapp Slashes New Miami Cleats Adidas Sent Him
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports
It looks like former Hurricane Warren Sapp is not a fan of the 12-year deal adidas and the Universty of Miami inked this week. The shoe brand sent Sapp a custom pair of new cleats that, as you'll see, he slashed up real good...

No Thanks #BrandJordan

This probably couldn't have been dealt with a simple "No thank you," but hey, to each their own.
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user avatar
diddydirtyAubie110 months
I want some weed cleats.
user avatar
WhoDatNC110 months
He wanted cash instead.
user avatar
In The Army Now110 months
Looks like Mary jane cleats
user avatar
LasVegasTiger110 months
He probably should have kept them and put them on ebay, you know to help with the money troubles.
user avatar
Rebel Land Shark110 months
Adidas sucks thats why he's mad
user avatar
SECdragonmaster110 months

Why is big 99 so mad?
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