Ohio State Urban Meyer enjoys himself a good photobomb. So much so, his wife Shelley has labeled him the “Master Photobomber”. Well, the “Master Photobomber” was back at it this past weekend photobombing this couple at a wedding...
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Fat Bastard108 months
Ole urbs.
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MarioBrothers108 months
What's funny is that stuff like this is actually popular and that there are actually terms or definitions for stuff like this that has been going on for decades. Someone popping into a picture from behind is not a new concept and has been going on for longer than the generation IY people that came up with it.
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TOKEN108 months
Is it just me or is Urban Meyer some kind of socialite? You always see this guy popping up places with a sweater around his neck and sunglasses cocked on top of his head with a martini posing?
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GWfool108 months
That can't be the husband, no way the groom was dressed that informally
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Rebel Land Shark108 months
That might be the worst photobomb ever
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Statsattack108 months
That's his right hand man S n c coach
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castorinho108 months
Is that the husband? If so, she's way out of his league.
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thatsG108 months
Did you honestly think this is an interesting story, Larry? Who cares
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Hugo Stiglitz108 months
Top notch as always Larry
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